At Benuvia Manufacturing, we provide serialization for small batches (1,000+ units) allowing your drug product to go to market. From production of serialization codes, we will print 2D barcodes on the label of each unit and shipping case. Our process allows our clients to track units in each bundle, case and pallet and retain that information for potential FDA audits.

Addressing Key Challenges in Serialization

1. Label Design

Our team will work with you to design your labels to allow space for the 2D barcode.

2. Maintaining production efficiency

Our automated process allows us to expedite your product to market.

3. Data Management and availability

Our IT architecture is able to generate, store, capture and transmit serial numbers for numerous supply chains.

4. Cross-Functional Teamwork

Our team approach ensures smooth implementation.  Our IT experts, processing/packaging engineers, labeling experts, QA professionals and project managers work together from start of project to finish.

5. Cost

Our promise is to provide cost efficiency as well as a smooth implementation for your product.

Together, we overcome the challenges of serialization for your company and work to ensure pharmaceuticals entering the supply chain are authentic and safe.